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20 something with a problem of never knowing what to do.

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Going off the grid for a while was the best decision I ever made. It pulled me away from constant need to the internet. I notice it now how badly people are attached to it. They can’t get their eyes off their facebooks. Like people now have an addiction to it. Its honestly sad.

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Best view in all of Columbia!

Went all Sid on this toy.

Went a little ham om the googly eyes. #bored #googlyeyes

I generally hate how people change when they’re in a relationship, but I feel like as a person I’ve become so much more caring and loving. I’ve grown. I know a huge part of it all is the new people I’ve surrounded myself with. I have been introduced to a community of people who make me loom at the world in a whole new light. If everyone saw the universe like these people do it’d be a better place. I dunno man… it just be that I smoke a lot more pot. Man…

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Simply not simplistic

When I was born I was given up for adoption rather quickly, my birth mother simply couldn’t take care of me. My birth father ran and to this day I don’t know who he is. I was adopted by my grandparents. So my grandparents became my parents. Flash foward 4 years. My mother passes away and I sink into a deep depression. School doesn’t go so well. Flash forward to me in Jr. High. Grades not so well. Isolated child. Father takes all his pain out on me. That was when he told me that my mother passed because she didn’t want to see what a fuck up I’d be. Alone now. In my eyes, my father has died. At this age I’d come to the conclusion that I’m simply unwanted. My birth mother didn’t want me, my birth father wanted nothing to do with me, my mother died because she knew what I’d become. And now my father doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’m a child that grew up alone. Now, I don’t regret any of this, and I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. Its made me the person I am today. Sometimes I really like that person, but sometimes it all comes back and I hate everything about me. I was an accident and ended up a fuck up. Later on I learnt that my mother loved me so much. More then I ever thought possible.

I don’t know why I’m writing this; mostly for myself. But I want you to know that someone who grew up with no love has a lot of it pent up. More then I thought I had. I have nothing but unconditional, heartfelt love to give. Just need someone to accept it, and that’s you. Because when I’m in my darkest moment all I think of is you, and you shine with the brightest light and guide me through these dark times.